Dept of Doh!

From the Trib we read of more extensive foresight on the part of City of Chicago officials. What, did they forget that it snows in the winter?

But not every part of the $475 million downtown park was a winter wonderland Thursday. The shimmering, serpentine BP Bridge was closed to the public.

Whenever it snows, visitors to the park can only enjoy the form--but not the function--of the 925-foot bridge designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.

The deck of the $14.5 million span was built using 2,000 planks of Brazilian hardwood. Rock salt would damage the wood, and park officials also discounted using the only other obvious snow-removal technique.

“It's over Columbus [Drive], so it's not like we are going to go out there and shovel it and dump it on the cars,” said Helen Doria, executive director of Millennium Park.

Until it snowed heavily at the park, which opened in July, officials were not aware that wintry weather would force them to close the bridge, Doria said.

Barricades prevent pedestrians who want to cross Columbus between Millennium Park and Daley Bicentennial Park from stepping onto the widely acclaimed bridge.

Everybody, say it together, “DOH!”
and even
“Double Doh!”

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