Watched a movie called Design (on Sundance) yesterday, which we tivoed because it was 'set in chicago'. Sort of a slight reason to choose, but we are movie people, and don't need much encouragement.

Anyway, although Chicago wasn't actually a part of the mise en scene, and the lighting was very poor (I'm sure the budget was low: perhaps the blue tone was intentional, perhaps not), we enjoyed it enough to suggest watching it if you happen to run across it. Fairly dark, and occasionally clumsy, with echoes of David Lynch. The lead actor/director/writer, Davidson Cole, obviously has watched a fair number of Nicholas Cage movies quite closely.

Appeared at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival In a dramatic debut feature as arresting as it is audacious, filmmaker Davidson Cole delivers a stinging comic jab to the concept of free will. Overlapping narratives follow an alcoholic salesman (Daniel J. Travanti) whose teenage daughter (Jennifer Morrison) acts as his caretaker; a voyeuristic photographer (Edward Cunningham) with a fear of women; and a mismatched couple (Cole and Mary Kay Cook) on the eve of their wedding. As the lines of these individual lives mysteriously intertwine, the universe reveals its very dark and twisted design.

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