Dylan v. Penn?

Sean Penn says he came to be the voice on the audio version of Bob Dylan's "Chronicles" because Dylan asked him and "you don't say no to Bob." How did Dylan get his number? Penn says the two are "friendly acquaintances. I've never known him very well. There was a period of time when we used to box together. I had a ring at my house ... The interest was serious, but it was just for enjoyment ... No broken bones. No trips to the emergency room."

You don't want to be the guy who put Bob Dylan in the hospital.

A: No. Or have it be the other way around.

Q: You say you'd never do another one of these audiobooks, but, you know, Dylan says he has two more volumes coming.

A: Yeah, I know. (Laughs) I've changed my number. (Laughs) I think you should only read books aloud for people who are shorter than you.

"Chronicles, Vol. 1" (Bob Dylan)

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