Flickr redux

Flickr Support responds again to my complaint, whining,

I'm sorry, but we go through thousands of new accounts each day, and mistakes can be made. I am *not* a drone. I *am* a human being.

Ok, glad we got that settled.

And the crux:

I went through your photostream and saw 2 photos that may have been copyrighted -- but I gave you one free month of a Pro Account to add on to your existing Pro Account.

This is the part that bothers me. I just looked through all 137 of my flickr photos, and I personally took 135 of them. No doubt. I may have added copyright info on some, but there is no question that the photos are 'owned' by me. The two others are: a fuzzy screenshot of the televised recent Presidential debate (somehow, I don't think this is even copyrightable); and a photo of Ragnarokr where I grew up in Toronto, Ontario. I'm not sure who took the photo, but I don't foresee anyone suing me to take it down.

Blah blah blah.

My response to Flickr:

I realize your job is hard, and you feel over-worked, but which specific photos are you concerned with? The only 2 photos I didn't take, one was a screen capture of a news event (presidential debate), and one was taken of my father [and uncle/aunts] years ago. So, how did flickr decide I was breaking copyright? and what really bothers me is that flickr didn't contact me to ask, but just disabled the functionality of my account. Seems like sending an email telling the account holder that there is potentially a problem would be a better solution.

Again, I realize that you are a human, and not an automata, but perhaps Flickr management ought to examine their policies in regards to these arbitrary decisions.

I typed more mean things initially, but I'm not really trying to get into a battle of wits with some underpaid Flickr flunky who is probably a nice guy, underneath his attitude.

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