Flickr sucks


For some reason, my Flickr photos were not showing up in public tags. I emailed Flickr tech support, and got this snarky response...

Your account was set to "bad" for some reason. Maybe when you first uploaded photos to test out Flickr you had uploaded what appeared to be copyrighted images. Or maybe your photos just looked too good to be true.

I've since changed your status. You should be able to search on your tags now and see your photos show up in "Everyone's".

What a crock. Nobody communicated this 'bad' flag to me so I could tell them what a laughable accusation it was. Instead, my photos just entered some 'penal zone'.

So, can I expect to get any money back from Flickr? I'm actually sort of pissed; what's the point of using a 'photo sharing' site if your photos are kept isolated from the rest of the group? I even convinced several friends/family to sign up to flickr back when Flickr were just starting to get up and running. Bleh.

Actually, the tech support guy shouldn't have told me the entire truth; he should have just claimed 'database error', and fixed it.

This so-called 'policy' is in dire need of review.

My photos aren't that good, they often have goofy color correction or are otherwise imperfect. I know I've added copyright info to a few images, back in Photoshop 3.0 days, on scans of 35 mm shots, but Up=In Studios is only the 'formerly known as' name of B12 Partners. As D would say F-ing Ass Wh-res.


Based on my own recent experience, here’s why Flickr sucks: Flickr has vague rules; enforces said rules arbitrarily and inconsistently; and what's worse, makes customers wait over a week (or in perpetuity) before responding to requests for assistance.

i will never use flickr again, it's hard to use, and they they gave me free pro account and let it expires unless i pay to see my pix again. flickr sucks!

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