From the Chicago Mag rag:

In late March, Chuck Hamburg and Brian Margulis are opening Flourchild’s (185 Milwaukee Ave., Lincolnshire; 847-478-9600) a 320-seat sixties-style pizza place (across the street from Flatlander’s Restaurant and Brewery). The décor will lean to tie-dyed ceilings and shag carpeting; pizzas will be hand-tossed Boston and New York–style (plus gourmet grilled offerings); Jell-O will be on the dessert list; egg cream will be on the fountain drink list. Flourchild’s is a resurrection of a restaurant concept that Hamburg ran in Boston in the late seventies. “We want to do for pizza what Ben & Jerry’s did for ice cream,” he says. “What Starbucks did for coffee. What Sam Adams did for beer. Bring pizza up a notch.”

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