Google earnings

We've had these little google ad strips on B12 for several months, and I finally took a look at what they mean in actual revenue. I threw out earlier months statistics, because my site traffic was in the 10-20 hits per day range, and now is in the 50-100 range.

Anyway, averaging approximately two months of data, the google ads brought in $.26 per day (calculated by number of times someone not me clicks). Big bucks, no doubt. I've been corresponding with Google Adsense, trying to figure out how exactly the ads are targeted (I don't think they correspond very well to my actual content), but they didn't really have any answers either.

I don't know if the ads contribute or subtract from the esthetics of B12, or even if B12 has an aesthetic. I don't expect to ever make money blogging, especially since I don't spend enough time actually writing original content. I just wish Google Ads paid for my hosting fees, so my obsession with hoarding information would not cost me actual cash. Actually, if I made $.50 a day, I'd probably be happy, as I am on the small side of the "Long Tail" meme.

That is all.

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