Hoops the Gym

You'd think such a famous gym, used by commoners and NBA players, like His Airness, and His Air-apparent, among other luminaries, and former players, would have a few dollars to re-paint their facade.

Hoops the Gym, W. Washington, Chicago - down the street from me a few blocks

And apparently this story is not true:

The Chicago Tribune wrote that Jordan had been trash-talking with Antoine Walker and Ron Artest, and that the Bulls' Artest “grabbed him and slammed him to the floor.” That's supposedly when the ribs were broken.

Artest is also said to have thrown a punch at Jordan afterward. Word is the participants were sworn to secrecy or wouldn't be allowed back in the private gym.

unless it is, and Jordan was just embarrassed to admit it. However, Jordan had only good things to say about Artest following this incident.

update: cheap way to repaint a building - just overlay a billboard!
Hoops facade


Also last summer, LeBron James was on the court with Jordan at Hoops The Gym in Chicago, helping His Airness during his top-secret workouts prior to his return to the NBA. James also played alongside Antoine Walker, Ron Artest, Marcus Fizer, Tim Hardaway, Penny Hardaway, and Michael Finley during those workouts.

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