LastFM/Audioscrobbler solipsism

As a last resort before doing some actual work, after reading all the NBA news of the day, and all the various news feeds in my news aggregator, I browse people's profiles on LastFM and/or AudioScrobbler. Sometimes I'll find new things to listen to, but really I'm just being nosy. Pop psychology or something. Conversely, I browse my own profile, which is usually generated in a most random tra-la-la way, such as (currently) by playing my library sorted by date added and then by album title (smart playlists in iTunes natch).

Music is such a pillar of my every day existence, I'm now glad I couldn't find a copy of Sonic Youth's Experimental Jet Set album on vinyl - forcing me to buy a CD player, and leading me down the MP3 path.

Most people have their own dictionary of what 'sounds good' and what is trash. I have a rather extensive tome, generously inclusive rather than harshly exclusive, and existing in parallel with my love of history and precedent, but I am in a distinct minority no doubt. I suppose people who go to the trouble to install the plugins necessary to upload to Last FM and AudioScrobbler are probably a smaller subset of the actual listening public, but nonetheless, seems like the majority of members tastes only go back as far as 1998, with a few classic rock and classic blues performers sprinkled like condiments, but not as the main course. Maybe I'm just cranky because I didn't get my nap today.

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“Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star” (Sonic Youth)

surprisingly good album, IMHO. I disliked the two previous SonicTooth albums though.

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