Microsoft Unveils Virus, Spyware Tools, still clueless

We figured we're a good test case for this new Microsoft spyware beta. We have a fairly recent HP/XP machine that doesn't get used much (like, hardly ever (sic)) because we have 5 macs (currently). Nothing 'mission-critical' resides on the PC; we just keep it for periodic use (like web-demos that aren't mac friendly, testing web sites, cursing at, etc.)

WSJ: Microsoft Unveils Virus, Spyware Tools:

Gates: Microsoft to offer anti-spyware | CNET

Gates said Microsoft will offer software to detect malicious applications and that the company will keep it up-to-date on an ongoing basis.

BBC: Microsoft debuts security tools:

Microsoft releases two free programs designed to help users keep PCs free of viruses and spyware.

However, actually downloading the software proved to be an effort in frustration. After about 5 minutes of clicking, downloading, and validating my Windows installation (probably to check my bank account to see if I stole my PC), I got frustrated with the whole process, and walked away. I guess "genuine Microsoft Windows" users like myself (yes, purchasing from HP should insure that my software isn't stolen, right?) can't expect to be treated to a machine without spyware. Blech. Odds are high that I don't have spyware altogether, because the machine is barely used, and has always had firewall protection.

How did this company become such a powerhouse anyway? How do people (or IT departments!) put up with it?

Oh, and I did finally sit through all the gobbledy-gook, and install the program. It found 5 spyware programs installed. Crappola.

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