Ya know, another tivoed NBA game on ESPN (Wolves v. Nuggets), with punches thrown and head buts and elbows to the neck, its almost become a ritual Friday night now. Mike Breen announced, as he did in the Palace in Auburn Hills rumble, but at least Mr. Pontificator, Bill Walton, wasn't around to ramble on, on, on and on.

Advantage Nene: Olawokandi was throwing open fist slaps at Nene while ducking away. I rewound a few possessions back, and saw several hard body blows and neck punches exchanged in the previous minutes, building up to the fight.

And the Camby v. Sprewell sideshow (both are great buddies, joking and talking trash after the dustup) landed Camby a suspension, but not Latrell Sprewell. Doh!

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