Notorious Taxis Take Mayor for a Ride


Yes, but did his taxi smell like sour feet?

Notorious Taxis Take Mayor for a Ride:
PRAGUE (Reuters) - Prague Mayor Pavel Bem got a close-up look at how the city's notorious taxi drivers operate this week when he went undercover for a ride and was overcharged by some 500 percent. ... Prague taxis have regulated meters but drivers are said to install devices that speed them up at the push of a button.


Hi, I would never visit Prague again after myself and my partner were completely conned by a Prague taxi driver. I had heard there was some sort of taxi scam going on there, so I said to my partner we would only negotiate fares before we got into a taxi. On our second night there we negotiated a price of 300 with the taxi driver, he drove us back to our apartment. My partner gave the taxi driver 500 kc, and he saw very clearly the taxi driver produce a wad of notes put the 500 in with the wad of notes and produce a 50 and stated to my partner, that is what you gave me. My partner said 'no way we gave you 500 and I just saw what you did' the driver denied, with that my partner said call the police then because I am not moving out of this taxi until the police arrives. The taxi driver got out and walked around to the back of the cab and dragged my partner out, and was laying into him. I intervened (natural instict to help defend my man) and I got a wallop in the mouth from the taxi driver, and I fell to the floor banging my head. I got up off the floor with blood oozing from my split lip there was blood all over my hands and down my jacket, my partner had by this time as you can imagine was fighting the taxi driver, good and hard, I staggered to a pub I saw and asked people to come out and help us, a few people came out and the taxi man jumped back in his cab and sped off. The police were called, but we had no recollection of what the cab number was as it all happened so fast, then an ambulance was called for me.. I did not go because they wouldnt let my partner come and there was no way especially after what had happened, and being a woman in a foreign city that I would go alone. This happened last Thursday the 16th February 2006 and I am sure that I am still in shock about it all. Prague is a very beautiful city but my opinion is there is a very big taxi scam going on out there, and as you can appreciate. I will never visit prague again. It holds too many bad memories for me.

Karen and Chris.

Yikes! That's a horrible story. I've always tried to notice a cab number, but who knows if the situation got out of control like it did for you whether or not I'd be able to note it either.


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