Oatmeal and winter

Probably because the several inches of snow, but possibly because of a premonition of this article, I had a supreme craving for oatmeal (steel-cut, natch) today.
NYT: Eating Well: Oatmeal to Please the Palate and the Label-Obsessed:
What has changed is the form in which they eat it. Instead of cooking the old-fashioned steel-cut or more common rolled oatmeal, many Americans prefer instant mixes, which involve microwaving or stirring with boiling water. They don't know what they're missing.

What is so appealing about oatmeal, especially the kind made from steel-cut oats, is its nutty flavor and texture. I recently sampled almost 40 types of all of kinds of oatmeals, and the kindest thing I can say about the ones sold as instant is that they have the texture of baby cereal. The nutty flavor is nonexistent, and the instants generally contain sugar and artificial flavors.

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