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Sam's Wine & Spirits has jumped on the blogging bandwagon. Case by Case is a new, twice-weekly blog by in-house writer and journalist Bill St. John, who also writes a column for Wine & Spirits Magazine (not affiliated with Sam's)....

Case by Case

Perhaps the most awesome name for a red wine grape, though, is Sangiovese. It comes from sanguis jovis, Latin for “the blood of Jove”—Zeus, Jupiter—so godliest of all the gods. Every other red grapevine must just wilt with chagrin.
Sangiovese is the building block for nearly all the red wine of Tuscany (right, and who besides an Italian would come up with such a mellifluous and operatic name like Sangiovese?). As with most grapes, however, good wine may come of it—or bad. A river of thin, overly acidic Sangiovese flows right out of Rome every year.

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