Stinky cheeser

Proving the old adage that you can't lead a new horse to an old hole. Err, something like that....
Yahoo! News - When “Ahoy” wasn't enough A driver for the Dave Matthews Band has been charged with reckless conduct for dumping human waste from a tour bus over the side of a bridge onto passengers aboard a boat on the Chicago River. Stefan Wohl, 42, who turned himself in to authorities and was released pending a March hearing, drives a bus assigned to the band's violinist, Boyd Tinsley. Prosecutors said Wohl was alone on the bus at the time of the incident last August 8, in which up to 100 gallons (380 litres) of waste were dumped over the bridge and fell on scores of people aboard a boat passing underneath. Several of the passengers, who were on an architectural tour, retched and tore off their clothes. ...Wohl was also charged with polluting the river. He had earlier denied the charges, which each carry a penalty of up to a year in prison, authorities said. The bus was identified with the help of a surveillance camera at a nearby health club, prosecutors said. The band, a vocal champion for environmental causes
has been outed for being hypocrites, and polluting the musical atmosphere. Joking, just joking. Sort of. I'm sure the DMB is a fine, fine band; they just haven't recorded anything that truly captures their 'sound' yet. Ahem. But really, Boyd Tinsley gets his own bus? and the environmental reason for this extravagance is what again?

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