Sugar Association To Counter-Attack 'Sugar Bashing'

Ha, the scourge of modern health fights back, with the secondary scourge of modern life, advertising....
Sugar Association To Counter-Attack 'Sugar Bashing':
The Sugar Association, a group comprised of many of the leading companies in the $8 billion dollar U.S. sugar industry, will launch a multimillion-dollar marketing effort in the first quarter of 2005 to help "reverse the impact of sugar bashing brought on by the low-carb craze" and manufacturers of artificial sweeteners.

The effort, via new AOR Marriner Marketing Communications, Columbia, Md., will include TV, radio and print as part of a "consumer education campaign that will focus on the natural benefits of sugar." The campaign will launch in test markets before going national.


"We are confident that our selection of Marriner will help us to reverse the impact of sugar bashing brought on by the low-carb craze and fueled by manufacturers of artificial sweeteners," Andy Briscoe, president and CEO of the Sugar Association, said in a statement. "In this review process, Marriner demonstrated their ability to quickly assess our market situation and develop strategic solutions that permeate their work."

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