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Friday (and today for that matter) was very 'spring-like', with temperatures reaching 50 degrees. So, after a lunch at a place we stumbled onto (Simply Soups), we walked around Oz Park, and watched the snow melt for a while. Err, something like that.

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the Cowardly Lion at Oz Park, Chicago
Cowardly Lion statue at Oz Park, Chicago.

Mural at Damen and Lake - 50 50 poems
Wall mural at the corner of Damen and Lake. I call it 50 50 poems poems poems because I don't know its real title. The socioeconomic status of this neighborhood is significantly less than it is perhaps 5 blocks away. You can tell by the vacant lots, prevalence of liquor stores, etc. However, there is something ineffably cool about this mural. I wish I knew more about the artist and subject. There should be a website, searchable by address, where you could look stuff up like that.

Update 2/17/05:In a follow up to this photo Sam Spratlin (also here and here) was kind enough to write:

i was on your blog whilst doing some random searching and i saw your post about the mural off damen and lake... it was painted by a guy named jeff zimmerman... he has done a number of other ones in various chicago neighborhoods... the subject matter of each is location-specific... he takes pics of residents and puts them in the work... he also paints a lot of paintings of ice cream trucks... keep an eye out, i'm sure he will have another gallery show sometime in the future.

A little google search led to Jeff Zimmerman's page

Thanks, Sam!

The proper name is Top of the World.

Rainbo Club, famous Chicago speak-easythe infamous/famous Rainbo Club, in Wicker Park. Nelson Algren's hangout (if I'm not mistaken, Man with the Golden Arm mentions it), etc. Also where I had my Liz Phair “incident”.


What was the Liz Phair incident?

Oh, just some harmless flirting that I couldn't follow up with, because I already had a girl-friend. Even though L.P. was a rock star, I couldn't do that.

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