skippy is right, again

Why blog? And why link to someone else's blog?

in comments to Drum's latest foot-in-orifice, skippy writes,

“These arguments are so tedious. They boil down to various people insisting that their social circle is the one that is representative of the population.

Unsurprisingly, this leads to rather pointless and circular arguments.”

Hear hear. (or is it here, here? We can never remember)

Seems to be the topic de jour: who links to which site, and what's the point of it all, blah blah blah. Atrios takes the time to break it all down for the clueless from last semesters lecture notes, and Professor DeLong tries to make sense of the linkage equations.

We only blog so that everyone in our email address book(s) isn't bombarded with crap they never read, and because then we can find answers to trivial questions (via google) that interest us quicker than by combing through our voluminous hard drives. We have a full time real job that's enough fun, thank you. If our google ads pay for our hosting fees, we'd consider that a fair exchange for allowing them; if not, we are not going to fire off angry letters to the BTB (Big Time Bloggers - probably coined by skippy, but who knows) begging for links.

We had a point to make here, but are distracted by chicken soup with shiitakes. Probably why we will never become part of the BTB. Sorry. You're on your own....

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