Amy Sullivan is related to Kevin Drum

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in that both are L.I.N.O.s*, and should be ignored whenever possible. We actually wonder if the Washington Monthly staff is really just a front group for Scaife, or are just clueless LINO hacks, looking for controversy to increase their page counts.

Lindsay Beyerstein has the specifics-

Majikthise : Why pharmacist malpractice matters:

Why pharmacist malpractice matters

This is a political issue, but it's hardly trumped-up. The issue is not how many wingnut pharmacists are currently refusing to supply birth control but rather how many states permit them to do so and how many more jurisdictions may soon give their pharmacists the right to opt out of modern scientific medicine.

How is it that Osco Drug didn't fire the pharmacist in the Chicago Loop who refused to dispense contraceptives? or at the least forced him to adopt all the ensuing children? Or force him to march in opposition to capital punishment?


Nearly 100 people held a peaceful protest at lunchtime Tuesday outside a Loop drugstore where a pharmacist has refused to fill prescriptions for birth-control pills.

In a scenario reminiscent of the 1960s, protesters chanted, “What do we want? Access! When do we want it? Now!” and carried placards reading, “Your religion does not belong in my health care.”

Planned Parenthood, which organized the protest outside the Osco at State and Adams Streets, says the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act does not apply to pharmacists. That law says health-care providers cannot be held liable for withholding treatment that violates their personal beliefs.
... Sue Hofer of the State Department of Professional Regulation said she could not confirm that her agency had received complaints, adding, “To my knowledge we've not taken any disciplinary actions [against pharmacists] for refusing to dispense.”

Hofer declined to address directly whether the state believes pharmacists are covered under the Illinois law.

“I'm not an attorney,” she said. But she invited any citizen who feels a pharmacist has broken the law to file a complaint by phone, at 312-814-6910, or online at

*(Liberals in Name Only)

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I must remember that for the Kev and all his ilk.

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