Bulls vs. Grizzlies

I turned on the Chicago vs. Memphis game, which is playing on NBA Tv. Blacked out. Flipped around the dial through the usual suspects, and found the game being broadcast on Comcast. However, for some reason, the television commentary is absent. Wow! The crowd noise is still evident, as is the stadium announcer, just not the inanities of Johnny “Red” Kerr and his cronies (especially Wayne Larrivee but Tom Dore is pretty awful too). Kerr is ok, just clueless most of the time, but the other two schmoes are horrible, horrible announcers.

SI.com - Pro Basketball Boxscore:

If I could pay extra to get games that had a mike in the stands, and on the court, but didn't have a play by play commentary, I would pay gladly. I already shell out for the DirecTV pass, so I'd add a couple of dollars to turn their mike off. I sometimes turn all the game sounds off and just listen to music, but that takes away the crowd noise and squeak of sneakers.

Apparently, I'm not alone in my disgust with the slack-jawed-yokel Bulls announcers.

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