Flickr bought by Yahoo

So, apparently, Yahoo has thrown mega-dollars at Flickr. Good for Flickr, I suppose. I just hope that Flickr doesn't lose what makes it an interesting site. I also like this quote:


I liked Flickr BEFORE you even heard of it!

You shall be recognized for your discerning taste in web sites!! I bet you also liked the Flaming Lips before they appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, and for that we salute you. Pro account holders will get super mega bonuses, to be announced soon.

Why, yes, I did have Flaming Lips albums on vinyl. Thanks for asking...

More here

Cool. I'm waiting for those super mega bonuses. My flickr photos are here, if you're curious....

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Follow up, via the WSJ - Yahoo Acquires Flickr Creator:

Yahoo Acquires Flickr Creator

Yahoo Inc. has acquired Canada's Ludicorp Research & Development Ltd., creator of the popular photo sharing Web site Flickr.

The long-rumored deal, announced today by Yahoo, could further its push to beef up photo and community aspects of the Sunnyvale, Calif. company's Web site. Consumers upload digital photos to Flickr, where they can then share them with other individuals, groups of people, or the public. The site has won kudos for letting users attach notes and other identifying information to photos, making them more easily searchable.
... People familiar with the matter had previously said than any purchase of closely-held Ludicorp would likely be for well less than $50 million.

Yahoo said Flickr would continue to operate as a standalone Web site. In addition, “Yahoo Photos will get a lot of Flickr features,” a Ludicorp executive wrote on Flickr's Web site, confirming the deal. Yahoo last week announced its planned release of “Yahoo 360,” a free service which will allow Yahoo users to designate groups of friends and share content, including photo albums.

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