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Bush's Re-election Lifts Circulation at Liberal Magazines:
Sheepish though they may be about profiting from George Bush's re-election, some liberal magazines have seen subscriptions rise during the recent political season.
“We had a huge spike in orders beginning the day after the election,” said Art Stupar, vice president for circulation at The Nation, which comes out weekly. “In fact, our Web site, in the week following the election, generated 2,600 subscriptions.” Typically, The Nation gets no more than 500 subscriptions a week through its Web site, he said.

Overall subscriptions to The Nation reached 184,000 at the end of December, up 24,000 from the previous year; they have doubled since 2000, with a spurt in 2003, when the war in Iraq got under way. “You could say that all the way through, for four years, we've benefited from the follies of the Bush administration,” Mr. Stupar said.

The Nation is an essential part of my weekly news reading, and has been since the late 80's.

and the basis for Rethuglican values, pithy version:

The National Review had a 20 percent jump in subscriptions last year, closing out 2004 with 173,815 subscribers.

But if their man won, how do publishers on the right understand the boom? “Hate sells,” quipped Jack Fowler, associate publisher at The National Review.

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