Hellman Nears Deal to Buy DoubleClick

At one time, we worked as a vendor for FloNetwork, which was subsequently bought by DoubleClick (and who fired us). We may even have a couple of shares of DoubleClick left over from our earlier days working as reps for MessageMedia (also bought by DoubleClick). I'll have to check. Our holdings were worth less than $100 last I checked (11 shares worth $85.69, to be precise). Companies used to just give out stock options like after-dinner mints......

Hellman Nears Deal to Buy DoubleClick:
DoubleClick is nearing a deal to be acquired by buyout firm Hellman & Friedman, though a rival alliance is still in the running. The Internet marketing firm posted a quarterly loss.

...A onetime highflier in the world of Internet advertising, DoubleClick has come under pressure in recent years, first as Internet advertising plummeted in the wake of the dot-com crash of 2000 and 2001, then even as Internet advertising rebounded.

One of the company's issues has been its core business of ad serving, or delivering advertising to various Web sites on behalf of various marketers, Web publishers and advertising agencies. Prices for such services have fallen as more competitors have come on the scene. Aside from delivering ads to Web sites, the company's mix of businesses also includes e-mail marketing and a database operation that analyzes catalog purchases for marketers.

Ummm, ok, DCLK is worth $8.56, so we made $10 today! Yayyy, no more Social Security worries for us!

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