Ruben's Baby Factory

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On Fullerton and Racine in Lincoln Park is [was] a building where the Culture of Life was originally created, now slowly falling into disrepair. Congressional oversight to ensue soon.

Seriously though, there is something elegant about this structure. I hope it can be maintained. D met the owner a few years ago, he drove a Ferrari.

Baby Factory

(click for larger version). This is a scan of a 35 mm photo, taken sometime in the late 90's.

And, a more recent photo here by armknecht.

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Apparently DePaul U has purchased the building to use as administrative offices.

The property at 2340 N. Racine is the "Rubens baby factory," which produced infants' T-shirts used in maternity wards. Formally called Rubens & Marble Inc., it dates from 1890 and is one of the oldest businesses in Chicago, said owner Rick Rubens.

A source said DePaul is paying Rubens about $8 million and plans to build administrative offices on the site. DePaul spokeswoman Robin Florzak said the school has made no decision on the use of the property.

It's the end for a company that in the 1950s employed about 300 people. Rubens said the manufacture of infants' wear has migrated to China, India and Pakistan, and that he had only 40 workers left when he shut the doors for good in November.

The two-story building held about 62,000 square feet. Rubens, Florzak and Newcastle Ltd., the real-estate firm that sold the property through sealed-bid auction, declined to discuss terms.

Developers pestered Rubens to sell for years. When he decided to move, he wanted a quick sale without any contingencies, such as a rezoning, that could have driven up the price. Still, the price for the 32,000-square-foot land site is believed to set a new benchmark for Lincoln Park.


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I remember this photo.

This is my test. Late, but I'm doing it...

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