Too Many Chefs: Family Secret Pizza Recipe

Chef Barrett, of the Too Many Chefs clan, has an exquisitely funny post on the proper method to 'cook' frozen pizza.

Too Many Chefs: Family Secret Pizza Recipe for April 1:
Do you like your pizza hot and gooey with a nice crisp crust? Do you prefer it slightly cold in the center with flakes of frozen cheese in places? Is your favorite pizza one with a “cajun blackened” crust and a deep dark mahogany to black cheese topping? You can easily adapt this recipe to produce any of those results. I've tried them all over the years and I can't decide which is my favorite.

Although I'll start you off with a simple cheese pizza, you can change the recipe just by varying the ingredients. Almost every other step remains the same. Try this early April treat and enjoy good some food!

Family Secret Pizza
One frozen pizza, your choice of flavors

This is a complicated recipe so I'm going to go step by step with illustrative photos.
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