Anthony fined for shoving Ginobili in Game 3

I saw this 'push', and Carmelo used both hands, his left pushing Ginobili hard in the back of his neck. You could break somebody's neck that way! The league gave a fine which, by my back of the magazine subscription card (hey, I didn't have an envelope handy) would be the equivalent of a $107 fine to someone making $50,000 a year (I'm not sure exactly how much Anthony makes this year, but he got a four-year, $15.1 million contract in 2003).

So in other words, go ahead, try to break your opponents neck because you lost, the league doesn't mind. I guess Fugazi Martin taught Anthony some dirty tricks this season; next will be the lesson about whining about other player's performances after you get clobbered by a better team (see Martin's comments as a Net after a 1-21 game against the Spurs). Bleh, I used to like the Nuggets, last year, before they signed Kenyon Martin, thug. Earl Boykins, Nene, Marcus Camby, even John Barry the ex-Sacramento King.

Anthony fined for shoving Ginobili in Game 3:
Anthony fined $7,500 by league
Denver forward Carmelo Anthony was fined $7,500 by the NBA on Monday for shoving San Antonio guard Manu Ginobili during Game 3 of the first-round playoff series between the Nuggets and Spurs.

Anthony received a flagrant foul and was ejected with 22 seconds left in the fourth quarter of the Nuggets' 86-78 loss to the Spurs on Saturday night.


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