Speaking of friends, one of my closest friends from my seemingly never-ending University of Texas days, Trey Buck, emailed me yesterday, from out of the blue fields, somewhere. Err, I mean to say, we lost touch a while ago, and I was quite pleased to hear that he's publishing a book called Oracle Porch. Hey Trey!

Update 9/26/05: now Trey, in sudden fit of irrationality and possible encroaching mental illness, wants me to remove this posting or

“If it is not [removed], I will sue you for damages to my name and reputation. Considering the damage you have already inflicted on my life in the distant past, the prospect of stopping it in the future is well worth the money spent on legal fees.”

Yeah, good luck with that. And you are planning on proving this damages your reputation, how? Are you considering publishing the book, but not letting anyone review it or sell it? Give it up you impotent cock-sucker.

H. L. Mencken
“A poet more than thirty years old is simply an overgrown child.”
Johnny Cash tells Trey to fuck off

Ha, why don't you fuck off, Trey Buck, and stop bothering me about your inanely titled book of 'self-published' poems. Self-published means that no publisher considers it worth printing.

Original email from Trey:

i am about to self publish a book of poetry, Oracle Porch. I am happy with it. I doubt that I will write any more poetry. Prose still attracts me.

Hope you are doing well.

but then the chronic alcoholism returned:

Recieved your last post card. Send no more.

Grudges give me wrinkles? Here is my response to you, the Guilty “Party”:







uckyuyouffyfuciylyfyfyuckyyouffucoyfjfoyufuovu fouvuyyul fucky ou-ffjfjyov

fjffuckyyuoufuckykyoufuckyourfucoyrfuciyrf uh


and goodbye,



Seth, remove this reference to my name, and the phrase "Oracle Porch" immediately, or face legal action.

Trey Buck
[bite me you cock-sucker. Pay me the money you owe me first]

Very cool picture of Johnny Cash. But even better, check out the hairdo woman behind who is just trying to duck out from beneath the flying shit.


Oh by the way - Seth, hope you're not living off your girlfriends anymore.


did I ever tell you that you are just full of shit? and not in a good way? wherever did you get the idea that I "depend on the largesse of female depencecy" (sic)? You must have me confused with one of your other non-requited crushes.

The only way this even makes sense is if you are referring to the fact that I haven't owned a car since I was 20. Other than that, no girlfriend of mine has ever 'paid my way' in any definition of the phrase.

Are you a crack-head? Retarded? or just stupid? Or all of the above?

Fuck off and leave me alone.

I was happy to hear from you, a few months ago, but then you reminded me why I had dropped you from my thoughts. I've had plenty of venom spewed upon me over the years, by smarter sources than you, but for some reason, against all evidence, I assumed you were a kindred soul. I suppose I will add liar to your epithets, and consider this matter finished. Unless I see you stumbling the streets, begging for spare change or cigarettes in Austin, whereupon I fully expect to instinctively spit on your face, and punch you in the throat.

Hey Seth Anderson,
Despite your ongoing diatribe here and elsewhere (your home page dedicated to me? please.)proving that you are a "market worm", with no respect for anyone's privacy or wish to remain out of the public domain,nevertheless don't you think that your web site or blog should - oh, I don't know - revolve around YOU, or something that you've done? In case you hadn't noticed these pages pretty much center around me as a persona. Don't you think you should try to develop some positive qualities of your own, rather than just dissin' shit on people?

just a harmless suggestion,

nah, I'll pass on anything you suggest. Nobody ever visits this particular page other than you.

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