Garfield Tulip Giveaway

One of our favorite parks is the site of the great tulip-giveaway of this year.


Chicago Park District:
The Chicago Park District will make hundreds of thousands of tulip bulbs available to green thumbs across the city free of charge. Packed in donated Whole Foods grocery sacks at the Garfield Market Place, 300 N. Central Park Avenue (on the North side of the Garfield Park Conservatory Campus). The great tulip give-away will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. Historically, tulip reserves have been depleted within just a few hours - gardeners are encouraged to arrive early.

The bulbs, currently being removed from gardens in Grant Park, Millennium Park and the Michigan Avenue medians, come in a wide range of beautiful colors. The Park District removes the spent bulbs in May to make way for the Summer Gardens, which will be in place through the fall. Bulbs should be planted immediately, retaining the foliage, or if that is not possible, be kept in a cool, dry, dark place until planting in the fall.

Amsterdam day in the Midwest, Gapersblocks calls it. Though, no 'coffeehouses', ahem, are near the Garfield Conservatory, as far as open to the public anyway.

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