Greasemonkey rules

Thanks to this Wired article, I found a very-useful-to-me script that transfers the flash image in Flickr to the actual JPEG. I don't really enjoy using Flash, and often the images get tiny when viewed in Firefox. Anyway, looks like a lot of cool/useful scripts are available (Allmusic, Netflix, IMDB, etc.)

Wired News: Firefox Users Monkey With the Web:
Greasemonkey was originally written by Aaron Boodman, who wrote the program in December 2004 to amuse his friends and found himself pleasantly surprised when it grew into a cult hit.

To use the scripts, Firefox users first must install Greasemonkey, then find and load the particular scripts they want.

Users have already submitted scripts for more than 115 websites, plus more than 60 scripts that work across the web.

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