I still think it is amazing that in a city of 9 million, give or take, including surrounding areas, there are so many spots where one can find solitude in a park setting.

If one chooses, one can hang out with the beautiful people, or one can find a space to breath oxygen that's still unsullied.

Today, biked 10 or so miles, up and down the lake front park, and found several such quiet spots, replete with lilac blooms. Of course, the down side to my almost idyllic repose is the nagging thought that there really isn't any grass or parks within strolling distance from my house. Every breath of fresh air is several blocks away.

Thanks to the miracle of TiVo, I could tear myself away from the Western Conference NBA final's afternoon game (Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns), and enjoy the beautiful day. Don't tell me the final score, I'm going to watch the game as soon as my Cafe Ba-Ba-Ree-Ba sangria (and tapas) settles....

Photos to follow.

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