Spring Photos part the 89586

A few photos from around town, taken last month (April 2005). Larger versions are just a click away.....

Apple Store, Michigan Avenue, with Horse

Apple Store, with horse. Where's the damn tiger?

Rooftop sunset, part the 855

Roof top view, sunset. Different every day, and a different construction site every month. Yeesh.

Curvature of the Spine

Out near the Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium is a curved concrete wall.

Tulip in bloom

Tulips mean springtime in Chicago.


More Tulips.

Lawn Art, Andersonville

Lawn Art - they're probably digging for tulip bulbs.



Gold Coast

A spectacular building, worth many millions no doubt, even though there are high rises now blocking some views.

Philadelphia Church, Andersonville
Gotta love the neon signs for churches, on Clarke St, north of Foster.


Found in an alleyway in Andersonville. Usually, the term is ground, but I suppose floor works.

West Loop Horses

West Loop horse house. A friend is considering purchasing this partially built structure, finishing it (he's a developer), and selling the condos to friends.


West Loop Dance studio. D wants to take a tango class. I'm hemming and hawing.

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