Tiger in my tank

Finally received my hard drive from OWC, so was able to install Tiger in a clean partition on my main computer, as is my wont. Surprisingly smooth, at least so far. Used the archive/install option, after cloning my Panther drive via an essential new tool, SuperDuper.

The only real glitch so far was sharing our afp partition of business files, and this was solved by using the essential Sharepoints to build new 'groups' and AFP shares.

Moved the Now Contact and Up-to-Date 4.5.3 servers to my underused Yikes! machine, which will be running Panther for the near future anyway. There is a beta version of Now Contact 5, which I've dabbled with. More on that later, after it is officially released.

Tiger doesn't look radically different, at least in the first few hours. Have to adjust to using a different keyboard shortcut for Launchbar. Haven't launched every program yet to check for compatibility, this will happen as required. Will keep a close eye at Macworld's Tiger compatibility page for updates.

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I didn't even consider it, but happily, SuperDuper's cloning of my Panther install kept the paths of various apps consistent with the dock. So for instance, clicking on the ecto icon launches the correct version, and not the prior version. I don't know if this is unusual, or a work around, or typical to any cloned disk, but I'm happy I didn't have to recreate my customized dock.

Next, somehow, one of our machines is now refusing to boot (into Panther). Gets stuck at “Login Window starting”. Bleh. DiskWarrior found a few overlapped files, which are fixed, etc. Expanding my troubleshooting techniques. Does boot into OS 9, but damn does that look clunky now.

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