Al Michaels and the 2005 NBA Finals

The next insightful basketball comment by Al Michaels may well be his first. Can we start a petition to send him back broadcasting NFL games exclusively so I can ignore his feeble NBA commentary? Michaels is just not very knowledgeable about the NBA, as far as I can tell. I realize Mike Breen doesn't have the high profile or pedigree of Al Michaels, but Breen at least knows what the hell he's talking about. Thank all deities ABC didn't resurrect Brent Mussberger, I might have had to resort to large amounts of beer to even watch the 2005 Finals. Oh wait, I'm already drinking my weight in Bass Ale. Never mind.

And, while I'm on the topic, I'm ecstatic that I nearly always watch the games with a TiVo on a slight time-shift. Thus, whenever Stuart Scott makes an appearance, I can mercifully fast-forward a few seconds, and avoid his 'pronouncements' as if they never happened.

As I've written before, I'd pay extra money to get a live mike feed of an NBA game without any announcers sullying my enjoyment. I'd pay even more for the same during the playoffs. Isn't satellite TV all about 'choice'?


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