Better than than smoked salmon anyway

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Um no, we don't know exactly how to parse the relationship between subject, verb and title, but that's a subject for later on, after much more drinking and carousing.

skippy the bush kangaroo:

addendum: here's the rest of the joke we weren't able to get out on the radio:a guy walks into a room, catches his son masturbating, the guy says, “son, don't do that, you'll go blind,” the kid says “dad, i'm over here!”

good night, and try the veal!

dear colleague:

skippy the bush kangaroo will be turning three years old in about a month!

more exciting (if you don't actually have a life), is the fact that we are about 82,000 hits short of a million visitors.

wouldn't it be magical if we got our millionth visitor on our 3rd blogiversary?

to facilitate that next-to-impossibly-timed event, we are shamelessly trolling for blogwhored hits.

skippy recently was interviewed on the university of kentucky radio station wrfl. he rambles and rants about everything from the downing street minutes to ayn rand and putting christ back into christianity, with plenty of bark, lark and on the mark snark, plus half a masturbation joke.

won't you please help skippy reach his life-long dream of a million visitors on his 3rd blogiversary by linking to this post?

you'll be helping a blogger who, well, ok, we admit it, isn't really in need of help. but skippy will owe you one!


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