Big Shot Rob

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Horry Aka Big Shot Rob

Robert Horry knows the ball is going in.....

And ironically, I had just read this 'smear' of Horry before the game by Felix Gillette. Hmmm. I wonder if Gillette still stands by his description of Horry as 'over-rated'? Strangely enough, there are five players on the floor for each team, and each player has their own role to play. Horry's role is to shoot those late game three pointers, or maybe grab an offensive board or two.

update, via the always essential TrueHoop, we see what happened right after the Big Shot....
, Madonna, Sean Penn & Me


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1 Comment

If only Sheed didn't cramp out and inexplicably left Horry to double-team Ginobili. I hope the Pistons can win the next two games.

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