Cuban has a pretty good idea

Mark Cuban has a pretty good idea regarding communications between the league officials and the television broadcasters. If a viewer isn't careful, the pronouncements of the broadcasters can be given too much merit, regardless if they are accurate or not. Sometimes, they aren't. But it is just human nature to (usually) defer to experts, and television announcers are professionals. So why not have an official who could correct the broadcasters if they make an egregious mistake?

NBA Refs and the playoffs - Blog Maverick - _:
1. The circle only applies to a 2ndary defender. If Ben Wallace runs over the guy who is actively guarding him, it doesnt matter if its at midcourt or right under the basket, its a charge. On the other hand if Ben gets by his defender, and Bowen slides over to try to take a charge, and he is in the circle, it doesnt matter if he is set and has been waiting there for 10 minutes. Its a block.
2. UNLESS, and this is a very important exception that NO ANNOUNCER or media person, and most coaches and players dont seem to understand:
From NBA.Com - EXCEPTION: Any player may be legally positioned within the “restricted area” if the offensive player receives the ball within the Lower Defensive Box.
Which means if a player starts his drive near the baseline, and runs over a guy in the restricted area, whether its the primary or 2ndary defender, its a charge. The player can point to the floor all he wants, but its a charge.
Them is the rules.

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