Gravel into park transformation

As previously mentioned, we may be building a park near my building. Current view of Gravel Patch Park aka Malkah Park, via Amazon's A9. Measures 20 feet by 50 feet (1000 sq. ft).

626 W Randolph

The project is progressing nicely, and the owner has agreed, in principle, to swap this piece of property with the City of Chicago for another parcel near Western. There is a non-profit organization called Neighborhood Park Advisory Council (sic), or something similar, which will actually have legal stewardship of the property, including liability insurance and so forth. Our building will erect a fence, add a few dumptrucks full of dirt, purchase trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.

This is the plan so far anyway. Next step will be the official transfer documents, sometime this month. Cross yer' collective fingers!

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