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Oh, I like to play too. Songs, with ratings, after the jump. From my playlist “All”.

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1. Once Bitten Tosh, Peter & Wailers Honorary Citizen
7/10: Tosh, near genius at smoking copious amounts of herb, also near genius at creating catchy choruses.

2. He was a friend of mine Van Ronk, Dave Inside Dave Van Ronk
6/10 Dave Van Ronk hung out and mentored a young Dylan, got to count for something.

3. Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl Fred McDowell Good Morning, Little School Girl
8/10 the slide makes me go out of my mind. Uhh, that's a quote, by the way. If only my singing voice was as emotive as Mr. McDowell's....

4. Journey to the Center of Your Mind Amboy Dukes Loaded for Bear
4/10: sort of obscure garage rock, but anything with Teg Nugent, mentally challenged U.P. guitarist, gets a few points taken off. (U.P. = upper peninsula, Michigan)

5. Take Me Back James Cotton Blind Pig Records' 20th Anniversary Collection
5/10 meh.

6. Yemaya Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba Cuba I am Time Disc 1: Cuban Invocations
8/10 it's got a good beat, and you can dance to it.

7. Johny Hit and Run Paulene X Left Of The Dial: Dispatches From The '80s Underground
7/10 Newfound respect for X, and this compilation is cool because these were my formative years....

8. Josephine Mose Allison Ever Since The World Ended
7/10: Mose was always cool, but I'm not sure this is his best track

9. Flight Of The Passing Fancy Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot
6/10: swing tunes from the heartland. Ahem.

10. Bourgeois Blues Leadbelly Mean Old World: the Blues 1940-1994
8/10 Leadbelly, who sang his way out of prison, twice. Nuff said?

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