NBA All-Star Game 1976

Now that the San Antonio Spurs have taken their rightful place as the best team in the 2005 NBA, there aren't any sporting event that I can waste my time with, except for the classic games being shown on NBA-TV. So, of course, I'm watching these rebroadcasts.

This week, NBA TV is showing All Star games from the 70's and 80's. The opening montage is classic, I wish I could link to a Bitorrent, you'd laugh aloud. Imagine a neon sign animation, playing “Princeton-style” hoop.

Anyway, 1976 game featured a plethora of stars, and significant names (Dave Bing, Bob McAdoo, Tiny Archibald, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Rick Barry, Walt Frazier, Rudy T, Doug Collins, even a Western Conference Chicago Bulls “Stormin” Norm O'Lier.).

Box score here

Amazing how fluid the game was, so many passes, so few moments of “one guy dribbling, looking for an opening”. I'd pay to go to a game like that....


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