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Jane Fonda is an odd bird. Acted in some interesting movies, showed up for some dreck. And somehow she became the metaphor for the liberal response to the U.S. in Vietnam, standing for all of its perverse, illogical and confusing facets. Looking forward to seeing this movie, even though it might actually suck. Not all of Godard's films are watchable, once removed from the time they were created.

Shipped: Tout Va Bien:

Shipped on 06/02/05.

This controversial French-language film presented by the Criterion Collection tells the story of a labor strike at a meat factory as seen through the eyes of an American journalist (Jane Fonda) and her husband (Yves Montand), an avant-garde filmmaker. Written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin, this film cast a critical eye on the institution of marriage, modern-day society and political upheaval in France.

Tout Va Bien

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