Photoshop CS2

First impressions of Photoshop CS2/Creative Suite CS2, without actually even pretending to be professional about it.

  • stupid naming convention. I understood Photoshop 7, but CS2 is generic and fluffy. I notice the 'about screen' still calls it Photoshop 9.
  • Don't really care for the icon either. What was wrong with the eyeball motif?

Photoshop Cs2 Screenshot-1

  • the Bridge program is fairly sluggish, but this could just be because it has to create thumbnails of every image
  • Seems slower, but then upgrading usually means new features, which means more processor cycles
  • Unexpectedly, didn't have to reinstall my scanner drivers, so that saved me some time.
  • Several new options for metadata and copyright info. Quickly hacked an action to do this mundane task for me.
  • Really like the Spot healing brush tool. Simple to use, and fairly effective, in my brief usage.
  • Also, like the ability to move the view (using spacebar shortcut), even in the full screen mode.
  • Smart sharpen seems like a good idea, jury still out if it works better than unsharp mask.
  • Red eye reduction hasn't been used yet, but could come in handy.
  • Blur options expanded. Didn't use these often previously
  • Photo filters are very cool/warm. Not sure if these are new to CS2, but Photoshop 7 certainly didn't have them. I'll probably use these a lot, especially since I haven't gotten around to purchasing any for my camera.

That's all at the moment, after using the software for about 4 hours. Haven't even launched InDesign or Illustrator yet.


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