Pointless milestones

are the best, Jerry, the best! Anyway, even though today was one of those days where nothing goes exactly right (minor annoyances from the time I rolled out of bed in search of espresso and a pot to piss in; major annoyances interspersed periodically; wasps, broken equipment, plumbing problems, software malfunctions, blah blah fucking blah), this site still reached some sort of pointless milestone. Namely, 50,000 visitors (since we started tracking Feb 28, 2004 - previously though, traffic was in the low teens per week) to B12 Partners. Whoo hoo!

Some fun recent searches:

  • Motorola V710 - this still bugs me: Verizon's V710 phone has a bluetooth chip (which is partially why I bought it), but is crippled, so as to be basically useless. I wanted to download my phone book into my GPS system, no luck. Open source, bleh.
  • Plenty of hits to my photo of Wells St. right before a rain storm. I worried that someone has stolen it, so I added copyright info.
  • Link Ray What a great find. Forgot why I bought it, but it 'rawks!'
  • Theramin , probably a friend of my Aunt Pat
  • Laserjet 4550n (frequently visited by af.mil domains, I assume the Air Force owns plenty of these printers, and wonders why they spit out reams of blank pages, if the transfer belt goes awry)
  • Robert Novak prosecutor 'plume'. I'm guessing they were looking for Peter Fitzgerald's name, in the Valerie Plame matter. Seems close to resolution however.
  • The Gap's stupidly named Forth and Towne Yes, most baby-boomer yuppies want to shop at a store called FAT. Is irony on Terry Shavio support?
  • “right of conscience” blagojevich madigan apply pharmacist, which led to here
  • Someone at the customs.org domain wanted to convert xml to binary, and was directed here, instead of to MacOSXHints.
  • Read Books, get brain - blow job news from all over
  • Henry Bunsow , who I had to look up myself (turns out to be an attorney involved in the recent Blackberry patent suit)
  • GE Coal Commercial . God this commercial irks me.
  • The actual 50,000 visitor was looking for NBA Salary Cap news, and went here

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