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as a parenthetical aside in the current Tidbits ezine, Adam Engst writes:

(Interestingly, in Tiger Apple changed the file format for screenshots captured with Command-Shift-3/4 from PDF to PNG, perhaps because PNG files can be used in Web pages more easily than PDF files (PNG support is widespread in modern programs). Although everyone I know who's serious about screenshots uses Snapz Pro X, in which you can choose the file format, you can also use Apple's Grab utility to take screenshots in TIFF format, and you can even use File > Grab in Tiger's version of Preview to capture a screenshot directly into Preview, at which point you can use Save As to save it to PDF or another supported format.)

I instantly launched Preview, and lo and behold, new tools! I'm not 'serious' about screenshots (which means, I suppose, that I would use screenshots in a professional/semi-professional manner), but I did prefer the higher resolution of screenshots in pdf in Panther/Jaguar. Ideally, I would like the choice, based on keyboard command, but I don't really see the justification to purchase Snapz Pro X, even if it is a useful, well-written application.


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