Skiles signs deal Chicago Tribune | On 2nd thought

Proving the axiom that one should take along a certain amount of skepticism in hand whenever reading dire pronouncements in the papers, especially when the subject is sports. Dozens of slams of Scott Skiles in the national press yesterday, with who knows how many websites joining in. And exactly one day later, a complete opposite result...

Chicago Tribune | On 2nd thought - KC Johnson :
He arose after a mostly sleepless night to scorched earth in the newspaper and he made the one move he had yet to make and one that finally validated his claim he wanted to remain coach of the Bulls. Scott Skiles called Jerry Reinsdorf. Hours later, on a sweltering Tuesday evening at the NBA predraft camp, Skiles casually announced he would get his wish, reaching agreement on a three-year contract extension that sources said is worth $13.25 million. Including the $2.75 million option the Bulls will exercise for the 2005-06 season, Skiles will be paid a guaranteed $16 million over the next four seasons through 2008-09. But Tuesday was more about nuance than numbers, which also supported Skiles' claim that Monday's seeming collapse in negotiations wasn't strictly about money. “I didn't want anything to break down because of foolish pride on my part or some sort of immaturity on my part,” Skiles said. “I wanted to have a man-to-man talk with the [chairman] of my team. I liked the things he had to say. ”I just wanted to bare my soul a little bit and have him do the same. I don't like to pick up a morning paper and see people bashing the owner of my team. That makes me feel very uncomfortable--let alone bashing me at the same time. It was clear to me it was a situation that was potentially getting very bad that really didn't need to be.“ Reminded he had done some of that bashing, Skiles accepted the criticism as easily as he will accept his millions and peace of mind.
... The Bulls began last season 0-9 and made a startling turnaround to qualify for postseason play for the first time in seven seasons.

In a 24-hour period from Monday evening to Tuesday evening, Skiles made a similarly startling turnaround, thanks to a phone call, some reflection and a lot of money, all $16 million of it.

and Sam Smith adds, among other thoughts,
As a Midwestern guy from Plymouth, Ind., and Big Ten star at Michigan State, Skiles declared his allegiance to the Bulls organization. Now he has a chance not only to grow with the organization but also to become a major figure here. He made a major move toward shedding his reputation as a quick-fix guy who's never a happy man--like Brown, who seems happiest when he is unhappy.

Unlike Brown, Skiles fixed his situation and set up a bright future.

Good for him.

But where's my cut? I still am not making annually the 4 percent commission his agent gets after nearly wiping out Skiles' career with a rant to local media here Monday that set off multiple reports of an end to negotiations, a lack of respect and other personal crimes and misdemeanors.

All the loose talk made it impossible for Skiles to commit to the Bulls despite their continued interest. There even were some people gullible enough, really, to believe this was about some high moral position.

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