Stick it to your own man, man


I was all ready to 'pimp' a new, intriguing bakery called HannahsBretzel

Florian Pfahler grew up in Stuttgart, Germany, eating “bretzels” (the German spelling for pretzel). “In Germany, it’s more of a bread item,” says Pfahler. “Not a fast-food item.” In May, he began plying the Loop with them at Hannah’s Bretzel (180 W. Washington St.; 312-621-1111, which also offers 20 brands of chocolate and tons of organic dishes. “The success of Whole Foods convinced me that there should be an organic takeout food business,” he says, “so that’s what I’m doing.” - Chicago Magazine

until I walked out of my door to water my 'lower 40' and discovered this same goddamn bakery's company car (a Mini) was illegally blocking my garage door entrance.

Hannabretzel's mini

I don't really care if folks “stick it to the man”, take liberties with large corporations, or governments, or even folk like David Geffen. Go ahead, take as many boxes of staples as you want, eat that slice of restaurant pie, whatever.

However, my building is not a large corporation, and

this guy's actions just caused us grief, and increased our chances of getting into an auto accident (can't see oncoming traffic, which is why there's a no-parking sign there).

So License Plate 790-7282, you suck. I hope you find a hair in your farina (Seinfeld reference, if you forgot).

ok, in retrospect, my argument actually makes no sense. The driver of the car undoubtedly just wanted to park for free, and didn't care who was inconvenienced. As someone points out in the comments, the driver is just stupid, not out to 'stick it to anybody'. Blogging while pissed should be discouraged.....

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I don't understand how you make the leap to "However, my building is not a large corporation, and this guy's actions just caused us grief" The guy parked illegally. He/She/It isn't trying to "stick it" to your building. If the car was just a normal car, would you jump to the same bizzare conclusion?

People are just stupid, that's all.

Oh, you're absolutely right. Emotional arguments are usually weak. The driver of the car has no idea who I am, or what building they parked in front of whatsoever.

Makes no sense does it. Oh well.

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