Umm, no


but thanks...

Funny spam received today:


Dear Sir/Madam,

I represent a small software company located in Russia. We have around 5 programmers working with clients all over the world. When we started working, we presented ourselves as an american company in order to receive an equally american salary. Since we are not US citizens, we receive double as less earnings. For the equal work, an American programmer would receive double as much. For example, if we say we are Russian, we get paid USD1,000. If we say we are American, we get paid USD2,000.

We would like to offer you a 8% of our wages, if you can help us!

If you would like help us and learn more about the job, just email us at:
It doesn't matter what country you come from. The job we provide is 100% legal to your country and we do not need you to involve your own money to this project.

Diane Novikoff

Project Manager,

and it is only twice the salary? Seems a little 'off'.....




Hmmm, I think I deleted the email already. Sorry. I may have saved it on a recent backup, but probably not. I'll look.

This is a scam. Don't fall for it. They will use you to launder money.

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