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Bud Pisarek painting of a gas station in 1948

I ran across this painting (scan of a watercolor) dated 1948 by my uncle Bud Pisarek, so of course googled him to see if anything came up. Last time I saw Bud and his wife Nancy (last spring), he mentioned selling his paper to paint more. Everything is somewhere on the internets....

Brehm Communications, Inc.: Bill Brehm Jr., president of Brehm Communications Inc., has announced the purchase of the Loomis News from Bud Pisarek, longtime publisher, effective Oct. 1. Brehm Communications is the owner of the Auburn Journal and other Gold Country Media properties.
The Loomis News was established in 1940 by Paul Sagaser and was purchased in 1970 by Auburn resident Bud Pisarek. Since then, Pisarek has sold and then re-purchased the paper a couple of times, most recently buying it back in 1994. Pisarek, who produces the daily cartoon “Above All” for the Auburn Journal, also owned the Colfax Record from 1968 to 1975 and worked for the Auburn Journal as a cameraman and layout artist from 1960 to 1966. He has lived in Auburn since 1960, serving on the Auburn City Council from 1982 to 1995, with three terms as mayor.

An artist, Pisarek plans to devote more time to painting but will continue to draw his daily cartoon for the Journal. He also plans to contribute occasional columns to the Loomis News.

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I came across this watercolor that my brother Bud did when a student at UW-Milwaukee. It seems the writer doesn't know where Bud is. He still lives in Auburn, California and has his daily cartoon and a weekly column in the Auburn Journal. His e-mail address is [redacted by site editor]

The watercolor was purchased from eBay a couple of years ago from a person in Racine, Wisconsin.

You can view his "Above All" cartoon at www.vfr.net/~westart/angel/cartoon/

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