Love the Liberry

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Love the Liberry:
Continuing in the fine tradition of blogs web zines which exist mostly for the benefit of their authors (like the one you're reading now, for instance), two librarians who work in some unnamed public library keep a running tally of quirky, endearing, weird or just annoying comments overheard during the course of their day. Quite funny actually.

Perhaps I have a certain fondness for 'liberries' since I used to live in them in the technicolor days of yesteryear, before the advent of computers, internets, and, let's be honest, TiVo. And if you are curious as to how I found this fine web zine, this photo was added as a favorite by one of the contributors to the Love the Liberry page.

Ladder to Lake Michigan Actually, I don't know if Love the Liberry is as low profile as it seems, there just were no comments on any of the funny snippets. Also apologies in advance to any fledgling grammarians; my zine eschews petty rules like gerund phrases and the like....

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1 Comment

Thanks for the reference! We wish we'd get more comments...

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