Our declining freedoms

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Great news for all the nascent fascists...

House votes to bolster the Patriot Act

WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives last night voted to make permanent most of the expanded law enforcement powers authorized under the USA Patriot Act, and extended for 10 years two controversial provisions that allow investigators to access library and bookstore records and to obtain ''roving“ wiretaps to monitor terrorist suspects.

But since 2001, the law has come under criticism from liberals as well as conservatives for giving federal authorities increased powers without adequate safeguards on civil liberties. Two provisions have proved particularly controversial: the power for a secret court to authorize access to library and other personal records, and the ''roving” wiretaps that allow snooping on a range of communications devices used by a suspect.
Democrats argued on the House floor yesterday that there is no reason for FBI agents to circumvent the normal judicial process to conduct investigations.
Representative Bernard Sanders, the Vermont Independent who offered the amendment, blasted Republicans for ducking a move that the Bush administration opposes.
''It is unconscionable that the same Republican leadership that is asking us to trust them not to abuse the powers granted by the Patriot Act has so blatantly abused their power to undermine the democratic process in Congress,“ Sanders said

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It actually showed great promise as a nation, once upon a time. . . .

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