Summer house-guests, 2005 edition

Spent the week on semi-vacation, entertaining my brother, Andrew, from Austin, and my cousin, Marty, from Toronto.
Highlights included: the L.A.T.E. Ride (1:30 A.M., till dawn), the Dan Flavin exhibit at the MCA, Jazz at the Shedd, a swank meal at Japonais (probably best sushi in Chicago), White Sox game against Oakland (11 inninings), visit to Little Lithuania for a meal and a visit to the Balzekas Lithuanian museum, and multiple miles of strolling the city's neighborhoods. Lowlights include 3 hours of sleep a night, three nights running, and my cousin getting into a physical altercation with a Greyhound Bus driver at 2 AM, on his way back to Toronto, and getting thrown off the bus at 95th St. This is still pending, more later. D is on the phone with Greyhound corporate offices.

Some photos:

Late Ride Ladder, Lake Michigan


Dan Flavin Yellowizer

Marty in the Dan Flavin Tunnel

more photos after the 'jump', and probably more later, once I go through my pictures.

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Flavin Blues

Flavin pillars

Flavin triangle

Drinks at Shedd

blue Chicago

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